Friday, May 3, 2019

Serious Bread Baking

A number of EZ DOH bakers have told us that they regularly use their EZ DOH mixer to make sourdough bread. Judging by the large amount of pictures of sourdough loaves on Pinterest and Instagram, there are LOTS of people who enjoy the challenge of making their own sourdough loaves using their own natural 'starters'. Here's our sourdough bread picture, courtesy of one of our customers from the bread basket of Canada (Saskatchewan).

It is believed that a type of sourdough bread was being made by the Egyptians, using a natural 'starter' or 'wild yeast', as early as 1500 BC. You could say this type of bread has withstood the test of time, as it appears to be gaining popularity due to various health benefits associated with sourdough bread.

In addition to providing essential elements such as selenium, thiamine, manganese, niacin, and iron, sour dough bread is often easier to digest for many people (when made with a starter rather than using baker's yeast).

There are hundreds of different recipes and articles that discuss 'natural starters' and the benefits sourdough bread in great detail. One thing is for certain, using an EZ DOH mixer makes the entire process of making sourdough bread easier and neater.


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