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Designing, manufacturing, and distributing consumer products has been a passion of mine since 1973. That’s the year I started working for GE at their sprawling housewares factory in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The plant designed, produced, and distributed several million toasters, Toast R Ovens, coffee makers, waffle makers, and griddles annually - with nearly every component manufactured right there in Allentown.

Since that initial factory experience, I’ve spent my entire career working to make factories throughout the US and Canada more efficient, and working to improve the quality and delivery of consumer products. When the opportunity to help take the EZ DOH product line to the next level presented itself, I jumped at the chance.
It’s my belief that we can make and distribute products in the US and Canada that will compete effectively against products made anywhere in the world. We just have to work diligently and earnestly.

The EZ DOH manual dough mixer can allow families to have a satisfying experience as they: Make bread together. Break bread together.

Young people love to learn how to measure and mix ingredients, and then turn the crank handle and mix the ingredients. Parents, grand-parents and great grand-parents can participate with the younger set and provide direction throughout the preparation and cooking process, and then everyone can join together to enjoy their freshly-made products.

The current EZ DOH model is designed for recipes that call for no more than 3-4 cups of flour. We are working on a new model that will be able to handle larger recipes, but rest assured that each part on the EZ DOH mixer carries a lifetime warranty. If a part breaks for any reason during normal use, we’ll replace that part free of charge.

At EZ DOH, our goal is to provide an economical product for mixing dough manually in a four quart container that allows you to do all the preparation in one container for easy clean-up.
Contact us at info@ezdoh.com with any questions. We believe EZ DOH is the safest and most economical way to mix dough for making everything from dinner rolls to breakfast pastries, and that it can allow your family to enjoy a fun and productive experience together.

Best regards from Mentor, Ohio,
John Dmytriw

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