Thursday, May 19, 2016

Easy Overnight Loaded Bread!

There's been a lot of "stir" for a few years over the no-knead bread technique. It is a wonderful thing, as it is super easy and bakes up some very nice bread. Some folks who ask me about EZ DOH tell me that they do the no-knead method, so they don't need (there's a pun here....) an EZ DOH machine. I have to tell them that I beg to differ! An EZ DOH makes those breads even easier to create! The hardest part about making these breads....for me..... is the thinking ahead! They do take just a bit of planning. BUT, there's a big pay-off - a finished product that is super-crunchy on the outside and wonderfully chewy on the inside. Oh, and one other should have some sort of ceramic baker. You don't have to spend the big bucks for one.....I see them all the time at flea markets and garage sales for very reasonable prices! So, next time you see one, hand over the $5 or $10 bill and make the purchase. Then go home and make this super-tasty, super-crunchy bread! You'll be glad you did! 

Easy Overnight “Loaded” Bread
(Note: this loaf should be baked in a ceramic baker)

3 ¼ Cups unbleached, all-purpose flour
1 Cup white whole wheat flour
2 tsp. salt
½ tsp. Red Star Platinum yeast
1 ¾ Cup cool water
1 Cup dried fruit (I used ½ Cup raisins/ ½ Cup cranberries)
1 Cup coarsely chopped nuts (I used ½ Cup pecans / ½ Cup pepitas)

Place all ingredients in the EZ DOH bucket and crank until everything is well-mixed. Remove the hook mechanism and cover the bucket with plastic wrap (I cover mine with a dinner plate…) . Let it sit on your counter at room temperature at least 8 hours or overnight. Pull the dough out of the bucket onto a lightly floured countertop. Gently form into the loaf shape you desire (round, long loaf…) . Place in a stoneware baker and cover for 2 hours, until slightly risen.  Place covered stoneware with bread in it in a cold oven. Set oven temp for 450 and bake for 45 minutes. Remove the top cover and continue to bake for an additional 5-7 minutes. Remove bread from oven. Cool on a wire rack. Enjoy! 

Adapted from a recipe at - Try their flours and other recipes! 


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