Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fill 'Er Up Bread Cones!

Last night I had the privilege of meeting with fellow Chamber of Commerce directors to select the honorees for the annual community awards. It is absolutely inspiring to read the award submissions for the different categories......Lifetime of Service; Businessperson of the Year; Young citizen of the Year; Educator of the Year; Community Service..... It's often surprising to discover who's been "off the radar", yet doing so much for our little city. I've been serving on the selection committee for several years and every year it is a breath of fresh air,  in the midst of all the "bad news", to hear the "good news" of GREAT people doing GREAT things! I can't wait until the banquet to see them rightly honored! 

It is tradition that our committee gathers for a meal as we discuss the selections. It's a wonderful time of laughter, discussion and gratitude. Our hostess, Deann, supplies the delicious soup and bbq ham and the rest of us kick in with drinks, dessert, salad, etc. Of course, I always bring the sandwich buns! This year, I decided to try to make the newly-popular "bread cones". They turned out spectacularly - beautiful and tasty - so this time in my blog, I'm not leaving a recipe......I'm just supplying a link. The instructions are detailed and the video is a HUGE help! HOWEVER, if you're going to try this with an EZ DOH, please read my recommendations below before making them: 

                 1. The dough is HEAVY - TAKE IT EASY when cranking the hook-avoid a breakage!!                        2. Add an additional 2-4 Tbsp. of water to the recipe
                 3. I made 10 cones rather than 8.....they were plenty big
                 4. Bake at 375 for a little longer
                 5. WATCH your oven as these bake. I'm sorry, but it still made me nervous to put paper in                        my oven, even though it was covered in aluminum. I was ready to make a quick grab if                        necessary, but it wasn't ! that you've read the MUST READS, you're ready for the link (if I haven't scared you off by now!) Thanks, Country Living Magazine for this interesting and beautiful recipe!



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