Friday, March 31, 2017

A New Road !

Greetings, friends of EZ DOH!

The road to "EZ DOH" has been one full of twists and turns, surprises and setbacks, burdens and blessings.......  We are grateful for all the lessons we have learned along this 6-year journey!
Best of all, it's been a road that has allowed us to meet so many wonderful, new friends along the way!

We're now at a crossroads that we started to approach in 2014 when we began caring for my ailing parents. In 2016, on the other side of that experience, Dave and I found that our priorities had changed. We still loved our product, but found we wanted to put more of ourselves into our ever-growing family, which left less time for promoting our business. I'm sure you can guess where this tale is leading........ we are selling EZ DOH.

We are very excited to report that Mr. John Dmytriw of Mentor, OH will be taking EZ DOH further down the road!

John has an extensive background in engineering and has worked with many major companies. He has decided that it’s now time to own a business for himself and will be purchasing EZ DOH. It will still be a “family business”, with his daughter and son assisting him in marketing and internet. We are convinced John is the person who can take EZ DOH to “the next level”, so it is with great anticipation that we turn things over to him in the very near future.

We started out on this road with much prayer, depending on God to guide us.....and we are now at a crossroads where we place a memorial, saying "Thus far, the Lord has helped us!" (I Samuel 7:12)  We now continue to look to Him to be our guide for "life beyond EZ DOH!" (Prov. 3:6 - In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path)

We wish you, our dear friends and customers, safe and joyful travels along this road of life! May your lives continue to be filled with tasty bread, good health and great friends!!

We pray that you, too, know the great travel Guide and will trust your journey to Him! He truly is "the Bread of Life!

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