Friday, January 18, 2019

Homemade Croutons

                                                                                      Guest Post by:  Katy Rost in Virginia
Homemade Croutons


Imagine if you will a salad with your favorite toppings, dressed with your favorite dressing. The only improvement you could make would be to throw in a handful of crunchy, perfectly-flavored croutons.

Now, do not wrinkle your foodie nose at that idea! I am not referring to the dry and dusty cubes they put on your salad at the restaurant - things made long ago in a factory and delivered by the food service company in a plastic bag - they are not fit to carry the same name as the delightful croutons we’re about to make.

If you have leftover bread - perhaps stale; perhaps from the last recipe you made using your EZ DOH mixer - some good olive oil, a couple of seasonings, and a toaster oven, you have croutons.

The bonus: they toast while you make your salad and take ingredients you have on hand. Nothing could be easier or tastier.


Leftover bread, cubed to the size you feel like eating
¼ cup (or thereabouts) extra virgin olive oil
Plain or seasoned salt
Flavorings: granulated garlic, herb blends, etc.


This isn’t a precise recipe. Making croutons is a process - the French have a verb for it! So you can vary the type of bread, the type of oil (butter for extra-rich croutons on top of a soup would be lovely), and the type of seasonings.

Cube the bread and place in a single layer on a toaster oven sheet. Drizzle liberally with olive oil and toss a bit to coat.

Season with salt and whatever other flavors you’d like. My go-to, lightning-fast salad crouton recipe is seasoned salt and granulated garlic.



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